Fred S. Martin

"God Bless America"
Fred S. Martin
and his grandchildren

"Wishing you a
Merry Christmas"
Fred S. Martin
and his grandchildren

Senator Martin's work on
to get to the Idaho Suicide
Prevention Hotline

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Home Address:
3672 N. Tumbleweed Pl.
Boise, Idaho 83713

Senate Phone: 208.332.1407
Home phone: 208.327.0171
Cell phone: 208.447.9000

Fred S. Martin

God Bless the U.S.A.

To all the men and women in the military, now and in the past,
thank you for your service.


"I know Fred Martin as a friend, and as my state senator. I have never seen anyone so diligently reach out to their constituents and try to make life better. He is on the job all year long and never lets up. I have every confidence in Fred Martin for District 15."
-Julie Bird, District 15 constituent

"I want to thank you Sir for your help. Because of you and your swift action my matter was taken of. Not many Senators are as caring, helpful, and on point as you. Our District and the citizens of Idaho are lucky to have you. I have known you for about 25 years and have never seen anything but the best from you and your family. I appreciate everything that you do. Thank your so much for caring and getting right after business. My problem is solved. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You will always have my friendship, my vote, and my support"
- Donna Schimek, Constituent District 15

"Idaho Sen. Fred Martin, R-Boise, is a well-respected and influential member of the Idaho Legislature. He has been a voice of reason and moderation over his past four terms in the Senate and most notably as chairman of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee. Martin’s presence as a stabilizing force in the Republican Party, especially as the chairman of the Health and Welfare Committee, is needed now more than ever. We need more Republicans like Martin to keep Idaho going in the right direction and to stave off extremist views in his own party.
-Idaho Statesman
Idaho Statesman interview and endorsement

"We have known Fred for many years and have always found him to be a man of integrity. He is genuinely kind, one of the kindest we know. We have appreciated him as our Senator. He is always willing to listen and consider other peoples opinion, and to do his best to do what is right. We haven’t always aligned perfectly with every vote he has made but we trust that he puts in the work, listens to all sides and tries to do what is best for his constituents and the community. He is always vigilant in returning calls and loves the opportunity to help any individual in his district that reaches out to him. If he knows you are passionate or particularly interested in issues at the Statehouse, he will reach out to you to understand your position on it. He sincerely wants to represent the individuals of District 15 well and has a work ethic to match that desire."
-Jon and Christy Hanson, District 15 constituents

"Having people with the caliber of Fred Martin step up and run for office is what makes Idaho great. He is a worker that has brought common sense solutions to the Statehouse. I trust Fred to listen to his constituents and make solid decisions to help continue to make Idaho the best place to run a business and most importantly raise a family. Fred Martin is the right choice for State Senate."
- U.S. Senator Mike Crapo

"I have known Senator Martin for almost 10 years. As a former Legislator and now as someone that works regularly with the Idaho Senate, he is a very good public servant. He is very accessible and a great advocate for issues important to District 15. Namely: HealthCare, City Council election seats, and property tax relief. I am voting for Fred Martin for the Idaho Senator."
-Kris Ellis, Former Idaho House Member and District 15 constituent

"Fred Martin is the best choice to represent District 15 in our State Senate. In these times we need individuals who are willing to represent what is best for the people. Someone who is willing to represent order and freedom not chaos and anarchy.
- Jake Farris, Constituent District 15

Little Martin Hill
Senator Brent Hill, Senator Fred S. Martin, and Gov. Brad Little

"I have enjoyed working with Fred Martin in the Idaho State Senate. Fred has the business and personal experience to make a positive difference in Idaho. We need more lawmakers with ethical standards and principled ideals to lead this state. Fred Martin is just what we need!"
- Senator Brent Hill, former President Pro Tem, Idaho State Senate

"Fred S. Martin (my father-in-law) is kind and genuine and I'm lucky to be part of his family. We vote opposite of each other more than the same. We have different ideas about the best way to accomplish important things. Here's the kicker: we can sit down and talk about hard issues. We don't raise our voices. We don't call names. We listen to each other. We both come away having learned something. We both become more empathetic and more intelligent. Politics have become toxic because we have forgotten how to have difficult conversations. There is no middle ground anymore, and as a result we are at a stand still. Here is my challenge: talk to someone you disagree with. Be willing to listen. Actually listen. Don't be so busy forming your response that you forget to listen. This is how we are going to fix things. Let's remember we are all in this together. We have a lot to fix but I believe in us.
- Becky Martin (daughter-in-law) District 15 Constituent

"We need Senator Martin to continue to serve the citizens of Idaho and District 15 with loyalty and integrity. Please re-elect Senator Martin to the Idaho State Senate, we need him"
- Senator Chuck Winder, Idaho State Senate Majority Leader

"I know Fred Martin to be a man who has a deep respect, loyalty and commitment to God, Country and Family. He has worked to increase funding for and provide better education, affordable healthcare, lower taxes, and greater economic stability for our state. His concerns for our growing population and all of the issues that come with the rapid rise in population that we are seeing mirror mine. I have found him to be a man of faith, a man of his word and responsive to community concerns. His principles and values are what I want in these times of uncertainty. I trust him to make responsible, "non-partisan" decisions that will benefit the citizens of our great state. These are just a few of the many reasons why Fred Martin has my confidence and my vote."
-Rick Soderquist, District 15 constituent

"Congratulations on your recent victory! The Senate is a better place with you there.
- H. Keith Buhler, former Senate Chaplain

"I am supporting Fred S. Martin because he is the most qualified candidate running for Senate District 15 to help create a stronger economy and provide a more prosperous future for this, and the next generation. As a businessman, former teacher and most importantly, father and grandfather, Fred is energized to do what is right for Idaho. I urge you to join me in supporting Fred S. Martin for Senate."
- Congressman Mike Simpson

Bedke Martin
Senator Fred S. Martin and Speaker of the House Scott Bedke

"On behalf of the Idaho Suicide Prevention Coalition (IPSC), we fully endorse Senator Fred Martin. As Chairman of the Senate Health & Welfare Committee, he has championed suicide prevention programs including funding, outreach, and Idaho's '211' suicide prevention hotline. In these times of uncertainy, we need his leadership more then ever"
- Nate Fisher, Policy Advsor, ISPC

"I’ve known Fred Martin for many years. He is a devoted family man and is a positive leader in our community. Fred’s conservative common sense approach to government is exactly what we need in the Idaho State Senate."
- U.S. Senator Jim Risch

"Fred Martin has been a personal friend for many years. If you want something done in Idaho or in the Idaho Senate, you go to Fred. He gets things done. "
- Rod Beck, former Majority Leader, Idaho State Senate and Chairman Ada County Commissioners

"When the Agra-PAC state committee recently met to review the county Farm Bureau recommendations, you were selected. Our members believe you, Senator Martin, understand the importance of agriculture to Idaho's economy. Our members appreciate candidates who are committed to ensuring the proper role of government through the protection of individual rights, reduced regulations, lower taxes, and limited government.
- Scott Steele, Chairman Agra-PAC Idaho Farm Bureau

"Fred Martin is a stubborn and faithful champion for preborn babies in the Idaho Legislature. He was the Senate sponsor of landmark legislation; this new law will help save women and babies lifes"
- David Ripley, Idaho Chooses Life

"Now more then ever, we need Senator Fred Martin. In this time of uncertainty we need someone that has worked hard for healthcare in Idaho. Someone that is dedicated to promoting health and preventing serious illness for all Idahoans."
- Karen Sherphack, Idaho Immunization Coalition

"I am pleased to inform you that the Idaho Education Association (IEA) Political Action Committee for Education (IEA-PACE) has recommended your candidacy for State Senator District 15 for the general election (2018 and 2020). IEA is eager to assist your campaign. We will inform every member of the PACE recommendation, and we will encourage every member to support your candidacy."
- Kari Overall, Idaho Education Association President

"Working as an educator for over twenty years, I am aware of the need Idaho has for leaders who represent the needs of public education. Fred Martin is one who has had personal classroom experience. In addition to Fred’s genuine concern for children, his training and experience in education give him the insight needed to find common sense solutions."
- Janeal Carney, Teacher West Ada School District

"I love my televisits (TeleHealth). I was able to get questions answered in the safety of my own home with my husband by my side. Thank you for your time and work on allowing televisits to happen! You're the perfect man for the job- kind, respectful, caring, and take action kind of guy! Hope you win in November!
-Nadine Yamashita Beaufort, Constituent District 15

"Fred Martin has the experience and knowlede to lead District 15. As a Senator and Committee Chairman he has distinguished himself in the passage of critical legislation which has resulted in positive outcomes for not only his constituents in District 15 but throughout the state of Idaho"
- Patrick McDonald, former Idaho House member

"Senator Martin cares about the people of Idaho. Several years ago I came to him with a challenge in the way a law was written. As my Senator, he worked hard to help me. I appreciated his concern and his knowledge; Fred worked for me! Every election cycle, I get a visit from Senator Martin. He knocks the doors of his constituents to ask them what they care about and reminds them to vote. I love having a Senator that cares about people enough to be out walking and talking among us"
- Codi Galloway, Idaho House of Representatives District 15

"I am pleased to support Fred S. Martin for State Senate District 15. I have been associated with Fred for many years and feel that he is well qualified to provide solutions to many important issues. We need a candidate with his background to meet the needs of our State especially in business, education, and health care issues. He is someone who will promote business growth through lower taxes. He understands that the future of Idaho lies in promoting strong education. His strong commitment to family values and pro-life policies are important to our way of life. Fred has a long history in community activities including the Boy Scouts of America, United Way, youth sports and activities."
- Dan L. Wycherly

"We are pleased to learn of your State Senate bid. We know you are a hardworking, honest man who will do your best to help the people you represent. You have always been an example of patriotism and service. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavor."
- Rob and Jenny Hagerman

Office Holder Endorsements

U. S. Senator Mike Crapo
U. S. Senator James Risch
U. S. Congressman Mike Simpson
Former U. S. Congressman Raul Labrabor

Former Governor Phil Batt
Former Governor Dirk Kempthorne
Former Governor James Risch
Former Governor C. L. "Butch" Otter
Governor Brad Little
Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin

Former Secretary of State Ben Ysursa
State Controller Brandon Wolfe
Attorney General Lawrence Wasden

Former Senate President Pro Tempore Brent Hill
Former Senate President Pro Tempore Bod Geddes
Former Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis
Senate President Pro Tempore Chuck Winder
Senate Majority Leader Kelly Anthon
Senate Assistant Majority Leader Abby Lee
Senate Majority Causus Chariman Mark Harris
Speaker of the Idaho House Representatives Scott Bedke

Kent S. Kunz, Retired Director of Government Relations Idaho State University
Tracy Farnsworth, President Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine
Robert Simison, Mayor Meridian Idaho
Treg Bernt, Meridian City Council President
Luke Cavener, Meridian City Councilman

Former State Senators:
Senator Hal Bunderson
Senator Dean Cameron
Senator Bart Davis
Senator John Goedde
Senator Marv Hagedorn
Senator Shawn Keough
Senator Bob Nonini
Senator Curt McKenzie
Senator Jeff Siddoway
Senator John Tippets

Members Idaho State Senate:
Senator Jeff Agenbroad
Senator Kelly Anthon
Senator Steve Bair
Senator Bert Brackett
Senator Van Burtenshaw
Senator Carl Crabtree
Senator Jim Guthrie
Senator C. Scott Grow
Senator Abby Lee
Senator Dave Lent
Senator Mark Harris
Senator Brent Hill
Senator Lee Heider
Senator Dan Johnson
Senator Todd Lakey
Senator Patti Anne Lodge
Senator Dean Mortimer
Senator Jim Patrick
Senator Jim Rice
Senator Steven Thayn
Senator Jim Woodward
Senator Chuck Winder
Senator Julie Van Orden
Senator Steve Vick

A Caring Hand Home Care
ABC Home Health
Ada County Farm Bureau
All Care Health Solutions
Advanced International Home Care
American Council of Engineering Companies of Idaho
Angels Touch HealthCare
Assisting Hand Home Care
Building Contractors Association of SW Idaho
Capital City Consulting
Cascadia HealthCare
Coeur D'Alene Tribe
Esto Perperua Pac
Family First Home Care
Food Producers of Idaho
Freedom Fund
Idaho Association of Nurse Anesthetists
Idaho Association of Realtors
Idaho Bankers Association
Idaho Conservatives
Idaho Conservative Growth Fund
Idaho Consumer Owned Utilities
Idaho Chooses Life
Idaho Dental Action Committee
Idaho Education Association (IEA)
Idaho Farm Bureau Federation
Idaho Forest Group
Idaho Health Care Association
Idaho Hospital Association
Idaho Association of Home Care
Idaho Insurance Action Committee
Idaho Intermountain Gas Company
Idaho Land Fund
Idaho Loggers
Idaho Medical Action Committee
Idaho Medical Association
Idaho Optometric Physicians
Idaho Potato Industry
Idaho Sugarbeet Growers PAC
Idaho Victory Funds
Idaho Wheat and Barley Association
Idana Pac
Advanced International Home Care IEA, BEA, MEA
National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)
Naturopathic Physician's Assocication of Idaho
Northwest Grocery Association PAC
Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters
Pacific Associated Building and Contractors
Primus Policy Group
Professional Fire Fighters of Idaho
Select Health
Save America II PAC
Save America's Free Enterprise
Southwest Idaho Carpenters
Trinity Home Care
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America local 636

National and State Business Endorsement

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